Meet Dr. Mike

Dr. Michael Acanfora has been providing health and wellness services for the Bayonne community for the last 18 years. A St. Peter’s Prep graduate, he received his undergraduate degree from Kean University and his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Dr. Acanfora was raised in Bayonne and has strong ties with the community. Among many numerous awards, both he and his wife Denise were honored in 2007 by Holy Family Academy as Men and Women of Vision.

Dr. Mike and his wife have two children, Emma and Jack. Dr. Mike also coaches both Emma and Jack’s Little League and PPSA soccer teams.

Dr. Acanfora is passionate about wellness and is excited to be an affiliate with the premier wellness corporation, Creating Wellness Alliance.

Dr. Acanfora is the CEO of Grand Street Chiropractic in Jersey City, as well as, Co-owner the internet information company, The Centre for Epigenetic Expression.

He is the co-creator, with partners Noah DeKoyer and Wanda Lee Mac Phee, of the Pain Relief Project.



Our mission is to educate, empower and inspire our community, thereby facilitating the active unfoldment of human potential, expression   of innate genius and the unveiling of inner beauty.

Our catalyzing statement is to make our community the healthiest community in our county by December 31, 2015;our state by December 31, 2017; and the country by December 31, 2019. The impact of our crusade starts  ripple that is felt throughout the world.

Our vision is accomplished, initially, by directly impacting 8-18% of our community. This number is based on the work of Lynne McTaggart  (The Intention Experiment 8-10%), Everett Rogers’ (Diffusion of Innovation 15%), Malcom Gladwell(The Tipping Point 15-18%)—    and this is the area of critical mass, which states that a tipping point occurs when 8-18% of like mindedness occurs within a population of people.    This allows for a paradigm shift in our community. We accomplish this by attracting like-minded individuals to our cause, both within and outside of our community. Experts from in, and outside the fields of health and wellness align with us.